About us

80 years of experience

The Idyosmos company is the family business of Antonis and Giannis Papagiannakis based in Pervolakia, Kissamos. It all started by their Grandfather, when, after the end of the Second World War, exploiting his property in olive trees, he bought an oil mill in his birthplace, Pervolakia, Kissamos. At the same time, he never stopped producing tsikoudia.

The father

Emmanuel Papagiannakis, father of the owners, took over the family business and kept it in hight standards

Since he was a boy, he has been involved in the fields, the tsikoudia making process and the oil mill of his family under the guidance of his father. In the 90’s he began to invest and expand the number of olive trees that were in his possession and at the same time he transmits his knowledge and love for the land to his sons Antonis and Giannis.


Today the children of Emmanuel Papagiannakis, Antonis and Giannis, have took over the business. At the beginning of 2000 they’ve renovated the oil mill they inherited from their father, equipping it with state-of-the-art machinery. At the same time, not only they evolved the tsikoudia making process, but they also invested in honey by buying their first beehives. With respect to the knowledge that their father passed on to them from young children, and with the weapon of modern technology, they continuously develop the quality of their  products every day.

Our vision

We love our land, the land where we grew up.

We want to continue to cultivate it with respect

We try to improve the production process for one and only reason, we want the consumers to enjoy authentic, tasty and excellent quality Cretan land products.

The best reward is when our customers give us back the best feedback about our products

Our facilities

Our facilities are set up around our vision for the development and modernisation of the production process.

Oil mill: We have a fully modernized oil mill with state-of-the-art cold extraction machines with three phase decanter where the kneading is done at 29 ° C.

Beekeeping: We own open areas throughout Crete, in order to transport our bees depending on the season and weather conditions to achieve the most efficient harvest of herbs – flavours from our bees. Also in our facilities we have set up a modern line of standardisation and storage, specially designed to maintain all the nutrients.

Tsikoudia distillery: Our distillery is equipped with one of the best systems on the market but also with all kinds of mechanical support to facilitate the production process and every time to achieve the best quality in the final product